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Local Government

The Maryland​ CAV Working Group, led by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), in close coordination with the Maryland Department of Planning, held a series of local government webinars​ to share knowledge of the Maryland CAV Strategic Framework.

National Connected & Automated Vehicle (CAV) Day: October 8, 2022

Maryland has partnered with The Eastern Transportation Coalition (TETC) to launch a National CAV Day to focus on CAV awareness and education for the public. This year it will center on Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) automated features.

A social media toolkit and graphics are provided to get your organization started. The toolkit provides more on what and why of CAV Day, suggested verbiage for posts and a proclamation, and some details on ADAS.

ADAS technology has the potential to prevent roughly 40% of all crashes involving passenger vehicles. Many vehicles on the road today have some ADAS features, so this effort is timely.  Driver awareness and understanding of these features will help to make roads safer.  CAV and safety partners have a unique opportunity to leverage resources and amplify ADAS messaging.

For more information or to participate: Please contact

CAV Day Graphic